Business Activities

Kyowa Engineering Corporation has a proven track record in projects related to plant contruction in Japan & overseas.

  • Oil & gas plant designOil & gas plant design
  • Offshore related plant design Offshore related plant design
  • Petrochemical/Gas chemical/Chemical related plant designPetrochemical/Gas chemical/Chemical related plant design
  • Power generation related plant designPower generation related plant design
  • Clean energy related plant designClean energy related plant design
  • Environmental infrastructure related plantsEnvironmental infrastructure related plants
  • Semi-conductor related plant designSemi-conductor related plant design
  • Pharmaceutical related plant designPharmaceutical related plant design
  • Food related plant designFood related plant design
  • Project planning with end usersProject planning with end users
  • Dispatch of engineers (office, site)Dispatch of engineers (office, site)
  • Support for various estimation operationsSupport for various estimation operations